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All diodes are new stock. The case style is indicated in each row. Representative illustrations of each case type are shown below.

Style 1 - DO-35

Style 2 - DO-41 Glass

Style 3 - DO-41 Epoxy

Style 4 - DO-201AD

Style 5 - P600

Style 6 - TO-220

Stock No.DescriptionMfg.Case StyleUnitPrice
1N40011N4001 1A 50PRV silicon rectifier3EACH0.04Add to Cart
1N40041N4004 1A 400PRV silicon rectifier3EACH0.04Add to Cart
1N40071N4007 1A 1000PRV silicon rectifier3EACH0.04Add to Cart
1N41481N4148 200mA 100PRV switching1EACH0.03Add to Cart
FDH333FDH333 125PRV high conductanceFairchild1EACH0.10Add to Cart
MR851MR851 3A 600PRV fast recovery rectifier4EACH0.14Add to Cart
P600BP600B 6A 100PRV silicon rectifierGI5EACH0.49Add to Cart
SB1640SB1640 30A 45PRV com. cath. dual schottkyGI6EACH0.49Add to Cart