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Small Eurorack Development System
This small Eurorack system has been assembled to assist in the development of new modules and accessories for this format. Shown here is the production version of the PM Resonator for Eurorack.

Dual DADSR Envelope Generator Coming Soon
The GMS-709 Dual Envelope Generator prototype is coming along. The single MU panel will house two complete DADSR-type envelope generators. Controls will allow selection of exponential or linear ramps in either positive going or negative going outputs. Modes include normal gate, gated loop and LFO operation.

The gate input will allow a gate signal on the tip and a trigger signal on the ring of a stereo 1/4 inch jack. If the gate is high and a new trigger signal is applied, the delay, attack and decay phases will be run again.

Shown below is a mockup of the new module:

New Web Store is Back
I have set up the Grove Synth Store again. I am populating products back into the store as I get time. Most of the currently available products are listed but it will take some time to get the descriptive information reinstalled. Orders can be placed, the Paypal is working and the shipping options now include UPS and USPS.
16 Step Mini Sequencer Available for Pre-Order
The GMS777 Voltage Sequencer is a 2x8 or 1x16 step sequencer which produces a CV output and gate output per channel. Each channel has a clock input and a separate reset input. Several step functions are programmable using a push button and LED for each step. Stop and skip can be programmed for each step.

There is a separate switchable quantizer for each channel. The output voltage range 0-2V, 0-5V, and 0-10V is selectable from the panel. The module will also support the "Q" bus modules and interface.

The unit will be available in MU, in MOTM and in EURORACK configurations all running about $350.00 range. Pre-orders for delivery in March can be made through an indiegogo crowd-funding project. This will offer a couple of options including discounts and other bling. Also the purchaser will have the option of selecting knob styles including the new custom-molded Davies 1900 knobs in ivory.

Pre-orders can be placed using this indiegogo campaign.


You will receive a unit at a substantial discount, a fabulous project shirt and free domestic shipping. International participants will receive discounted shipping.
4 Pole Transistor Ladder Filter Recreation
The GMS-294A VC Low Pass Filter is an accurate recreation of the Robert Moog-designed 4 pole transistor ladder filter. As much as possible, all original parts and matched pairs of 2n3392 transistors were used in the construction of the unit.

The module is implemented in a 1MU panel width and includes a complement of the original controls with the addition of a gain control on the CV in and a gain control for the audio input to the filter. An additional CV input is scaled for 1V/OCT. When the resonance control is turned up to near maximum, the filter will become a voltage controlled sine wave oscillator.
Website Issues
I am still a way from getting the website fully operational again after being forced by my previous hosting company to move my sites to their "cloud servers", more like "blue sky servers". Needless to say, I fired them. The new store should be back up and operational shortly.
Enter the Max Power Sweepstakes - Win a Power Supply
In celebration of the opening of the new Grove Synth Store, we are having a drawing for a new 30 Watt power supply module and accessories in the winner's choice of MU or MT format. Just go to http://www.groveaudio.com/promotional/email_notify.aspx to enter. Here is a picture of the Grand Prize:

New Power Supply Module Family
Utilizing high efficiency, light weight DC to DC converters and switching regulators designed for modern laptop and desktop computers, this new power supply family will eventually offer a range of power levels from 30 Watts to 90 Watts. Models will be available to power MU, MOTM and Eurorack modulars.

The first model, the GMS-973, provides 30 Watts and is available with options to power either MU (DOTCOM) or MT (MOTM) 5U systems. Providing +- 15 Volts at up to 500 milliAmps and +5 Volts at up to 3 Amps the entire unit including 12 power connectors is housed on a PC board 6 inchs by 2.25 inches by 1 5/8 inches high.

The unit is small enough to fit behind the lower section of the new Box 11 cabinet from Synthesizers.com and should be able to power up to 22 MU modules.
Big Box for Box 11
Available soon will be a new module chassis for use with Box 11 systems. The new chassis will have an additional 1 3/16 inches of internal depth for a total of 4 5/16 inches. The chassis can be used in any Box 11 configuration. Here is a photo of a prototype chassis mounted in a Box 11 console configuration.

The unit will include two buffered multiples with one in and four out, power indicator LEDs, internal power harness with 11 cables and additional 6 pin DIN connectors for power routing. A coupling adapter will also be available to connect two Big Boxes together to form a 22 MU chassis.
Alien Symbiote Invades Sequencer
What Spawn of Cthulhu is this? Something has attached itself to the Q119 Sequential Controller. That's going to void the warranty for sure.

A closeup of the new processor board shows the "Q119 Bus" interface which permits peripherals to both input data to and output data from the sequencer.