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2 Voices in 8MU with High Density Modules
Several new modules combining dual and quad functions in one module will allow 2 complete full function 5U voices in only 8MU of panel space.

The update GMS-742a MIDI to CV Converter offers up to four channels of 16 bit CV outputs and 4 gate outputs. The module can produce up to 4 polyphonic control outputs.

The GMS-302 Dual VCO combines two VCOs with a 4 simultaneous waveform outputs and a selectable WAVE output that is chosen from one of five possible waveforms. The VCO has internal adjustments that allow the octaves to be calibrated accurately. The WAVE output also feeds an internal VCA, the control input of which is available on the panel. This allows amplitude control with an external CV without additional modules.

The GMS-709A Dual DADSR generates ADSR envelopes with an optional starting delay. The range of timing for the attach, decay and release is one millisecond to 10 seconds. The amplitude range of the ADSR waveform is 0 to 5V either plus or minus polarity, linear or exponential, and single shot, looping or gated operation.

The GMS-204 Dual Multimode Filter allows the user to select from one of 16 possible filter configurations with 1 to four poles and including low pass, bandpass, high pass, and all pass (phasor). Each filter has a voltage controlled resonance control and two exponential voltage controlled frequency inputs, 1V/Oct and adjustable.

The GMS-714 Ouad VCA has four high quality voltage controlled amplifiers that can be set for either logarithmic or linear control response. Each control input has an attenuverter that allows positive or negative control voltages. In addition, pairs of amplifier channels can be combined for a panning function. There is an internal 4 channel mono or two channel stereo mixer.
Eurorack Version of 4 Pole Low Pass Filter in Development
Following on the successful introduction of the GMS-294a 4 Pole Low Pass filter, a recreation of the Moog™ 904a 4 Pole Ladder filter, the filter has been repackaged in Eurorack format. Like the MU version, this module utilizes, as much as possible, the original component types, bringing the "Moog Filter" sound to the Eurorack world.

The unit is housed in a 12 HP panel and is less than 50 mm deep.

The filter will be available as a complete kit for intermediate level kit builders or fully assembled and tested.
The Dual Channel GMS-712EU in the SynthStore Soon
The 6HP module designated GMS-712EU has two low distortion VCA based on the 2164. Each independent amplifier has simple controls including an attenuverter and an initial gain control. The channels are DC coupled so they will pass DC and can be used to scale control voltages.

The unit is housed in a 6 HP panel and is less than 40 mm deep. It also includes a switchable +5 V source so that it can be used with systems that don't have +5 V. on their power buses. MSRP will be $144.95.
GMS-712EU Dual LOG/LIN VCA Available Soon
This new Eurorack module is a dual LOG/LIN VCA. The GMS-712EU has two low distortion VCA based on the 2164. The simple controls include an attenuverter and an initial gain control. The channels will pass DC so they can be used with control voltages.

The unit is housed in a 6 HP panel and is less than 40 mm deep. It includes a switchable +5 V source so that it can be used with systems that don't have +5 V. on their power buses.

MSRP will be below $155.00.
FM Operator, WAV Player, VCO In Prototype
There is progress on the FM Ogre, officially the WS-104 FM Operator. The EU version prototype is up and running. Boards are in progress for the MU version which has some sub--assemblies. Hopefully, a demo and pictures of the panels will be up soon.

The GMS-1340 Polywav™ Player WAV sample player module prototype is coming together. This module will play back up to 14 16 bit 44.1 KHz stereo WAV files simultaneously, each with independent volume level under trigger or MIDI control. The first version for MU will use a 2MU panel. 16 1/4 inch jacks will allow gate triggers to start predefined sample playback. Two sets of CV and trigger inputs will allow voltage controlled initiation of sample playback from the current selected sample library. This will allow a group of samples representing a scale such as the Mellotron three violin sample set to be played from a CV source.

There is a MIDI DIN input that will accept note and control commands from a controller device to play sample sets. A separate sample set can be assigned to each of 16 MIDI channels. MIDI bank select commands can change the assigned sample bank for each channel.

A front panel OLED display and encoder will allow setting sample sets, MIDI channels, trigger assignments and other parameters. The SDHC card reader, accessible through the front panel will accept a card with up to 32GB of WAV samples. The user will then be able to select from a pool of 2048 samples to combine these into sample sets. Samples need to be recorded as 16 bit 44.1 KHz stereo WAV recordings. The sample length is not limited.

The GMS-321b Voltage Controlled Oscillator module is coming along. I have located a source for one of the last remaining NOS parts needed to build up the module. This is a recreation of the Moog 921b VCO and will be available as a 1MU module.
Prototype DSP-based Digital Oscillator Module
This module includes a 32-bit DSP, high speed 16-bit ADC with multiplexer input, and two channel 16 bit DAC. On-board regulator can source 150 mA at 3.3 Volts to power external circuitry. A 50 ppm voltage reference allows the converter to operate stably regardless of power fluctuations.

Additioal peripherals can be supported with a I2C interface and a second SPI interface. A serial input and output ports are also provided.
USB Host Module Boards and Panels Arrive
The boards and panels for the USB Host module have arrived. This module adds the ability to host class compliant USB devices such as sequencers, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and memory devices to the GMS-632 or GMS-634 Programmable Interface modules. An internal power source can provide up to 500 mA. on the USB host port to power devices. It can also support externally powered hubs.

The 4 HP module (0.8 inches, 20.3 mm) comes in two color schemes and is supplied with a power and an interconnect cable.
General Purpose DSP Subsystem in a 2 Inch Square Module
A complete DSP subsystem including high speed analog to digital and digital to analog converters form the processing core of the new hybrid oscillator module. Here is a rendering of the 2 inch by 2 inch, 40 pin module:

The module has 8 multiplexed high speed analog inputs feeding a 16 bit ADC and two 16 bit DAC outputs. A variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs are provided including a secondary SPI and I2C ports and a trimmable 1V/Octave input that can be used for frequency CV control.

Hybrid VC Oscillator Features Thru-Zero FM & PM
In development is a hybrid digital oscillator that will use an NCO core to drive analog waveshaping circuits to generate sine, triangle, and pulse waveforms. FM and PM modulation inputs can be set for linear or exponential thru-zero operation.

The MU module will feature dual oscillators and VCA functions to form two complete FM operators.
USB Host Extender Module Prototype in Test
The USB Host Extender Module, GMS-632X is undergoing testing including the USB host capability and running Arduino sketches. The USB library is accessible from within an Arduino sketch and uses interrupts so the device detect, attach and eject functions continue to operate in the background while user code executes in the foreground.

Here the extender module is mounted next to the GMS-632 USB/MIDI/CV Interface module. The two are connected by a short ribbon cable with IDC10 connectors. The extender module does not require a power connector. The extender module can be used with either the GMS-632 or the GMS-634 modules.

Here the module is being used to host an m-Audio Keystation 49. Through the GMS-632 module, keypresses are converted into pairs of CV and gate signals. The GMS-632 is simultaneously connected to a laptop computer as a USB device, through which it can receive USB MIDI or program uploads.