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PM Resonator Available in MOTM and Eurorack
The PM Resonator module is now available in MOTM and Eurorack formats. Power input for the MOTM module is the MOTM standard. Power input for the Eurorack module is the Doepfer standard. Here is a view of the MOTM layout. The module is 2MT wide.

The Eurorack version is shown here. It is 17.5HP wide and accommodate 2.5mm pitch mounting holes.

Dual Joystick Controller in MU Format
After a couple of attempts to build a joystick controller that offered good user accessibility, I think I have got a design that permits one hand operation from either the right or left. My goal was to allow the user to move the joystick and have the ability to trigger the gate buttons with the same hand.

This module includes a reference voltage source that is normalled into the X and Y inputs so that if no plug is inserted the stick position will vary between 0 and the reference voltage or from - reference to + reference. A preset value can be set for each access that varies the center point voltage and an input attenuator will allow scaling an input voltage that is then varied by the stick position. The gate buttons produce a 0 - 5 V gate signal on their respective gate output jacks.