GMS-410 Tom Drum Synth

Low, Medium & High Tom with VC Frequency

The GMS-410 Tom Drum Synth module contains a complete drum synthesizer channel consisting of three voltage controlled oscillators to generate the sound of the drum head vibration and body harmonics, a noise generator to generate the sound of the stick hit, and VCAs with associated envelope generators to create the frequency and amplitude decay modulation associated with the tom drum sound. A switch allows selection of the type of drum.


The relative frequencies of a particular drum head and body resonance are selected using the TYPE switch. The three types are low tom, mid tom and high tom.

A tom sound consists of the sound of the stretched head vibrating followed by the growth and decay of resonant body vibration. Typically the sound starts with a higher pitch and decays to a lower pitch. A panel FREQUENCY control sets the initial pitches of the components and two other controls set the rate and depth of the frequency decay. The initial frequency can also be modulated by an external FREQ CV input. An attenuator is provided to scale the effect of the CV input.

A control to adjust the decay time of the amplitude envelope is also provided. An output level control sets the overall signal level and assists in mixing the module output level with other percussion modules feeding simple downstream mixers.

An accent input is provided that permits modulation of the amplitude of the internal VCAs to provide modulation of the output amplitude of specific beats. The amplitude of the ACCENT signal controls the amount of additional emphasis the current beat will receive.  


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  • Datasheet
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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range
Low 20Hz - 100Hz
Mid 80Hz - 300Hz
High 150Hz - 1.5KHz

Frequency CV Range
-5VDC - +5VDC; 0.5x to 2.0x variation

Trigger Range
0 - +5VDC >20 msec. min. width

Accent Range
0 - +5VDC

Module Power
+15 Volts 40 mA.,
-15 Volts 40 mA.,
+5 Volts 50 mA

Module Size
Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm);
Panel width - 2.125 inches (54 mm);
Depth (behind panel) 1.5 inches (38 mm)



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