GMS-744MU Multichannel MIDI/CV Converter

Up to 8 Channels of high resolution CVs, Gates, & MIDI Clock

The MIDI to CV Converter module is designed to convert MIDI note commands into corresponding analog voltage level outputs to be used by devices such as voltage controlled oscillators in analog synthesizers. In addition to a changing analog voltage on one channel, the module can also supply a second analog voltage corresponding to the MIDI velocity information. This analog voltage can be used to vary the response of an envelope generator to allow the channels dynamics to be controlled by keyboard velocity information. 


The GMS-744MU Multichannel MIDI to CV converter contains eight complete converter channels, each channel capable of producing an analog output and a gate output. When a two channel mode is selected, one analog channel will produce the voltage equivalant of the input MIDI note value, one analog channel will produce the voltage equivalant of the MIDI velocity value, one gate channel will produce a gate signal for the duration of the MIDI note on to note off time, and one gate channel will produce a 25 millisecond trigger pulse.     


• Two channel with gate and trigger

• Three or four channels with gate

• Two channels with seperate sequential MIDI channel numbers

• Four channels with seperate sequential MIDI channel numbers


A front panel selector allows setting the base MIDI channel on which the module listens. If the setting is not modified by system commands received on the port, the channel also serves as the default analog output channel. Depending on the selected operating mode, additional channels are assigned following the channel selected on the front panel switch.     

The MIDI clock on the input channel is divided internally and output on the MIDI CLOCK output jack. Divisor ratio set by turning mode switch to the desired ratio and pressing the front panel set divisor pushbutton.     


1 2 Ch. Independent
Note CV, Velocity CV, Gate, Trigger
Successive MIDI Channels
2 2 Ch. Polyphonic
Note CV, Velocity CV, Gate, Trigger
Common MIDI Channel
3 4 Ch. Polyphonic
Note CV, Gate
Common MIDI Channel
5 4 Ch. Independent
Note CV, Gate
Succesive MIDI Channels
6 2 Ch. Independent - Legato On
Note CV, Velocity CV, Gate, Trigger
Successive MIDI Channels
7 2 Ch. Independent - Split Keyboard
Ch. 1 (C0-B1) Note CV, Gate; Ch. 2 (C2-C5) Note CV, Gate
Common MIDI Channel
9 1 Ch. with Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
Note CV, Velocity CV, Pitchbend CV, Mod Wheel CV, Gate, Trigger
Current MIDI Channel 
10 2 Ch. Independent - 2 Ch. LFO
Note CV, LFO Waveform, Gate, Trigger
Successive MIDI Channels
16 Test/Tuning
Common Note CV and common Gate on all outputs
Current MIDI Channel


Technical Specifications

Each Channel

Voltage Scale
1 Volt/Octave - .0833 Volts/Semitone

MIDI Note Range
Note number 0 - 127 produces
-4.0 V to +6.0 V
 0 V = MIDI Note #48 = C4

D/A Converter Output
16 Bits; full-scale range +-10 V

Gate/Trigger Output
0 - +5 V

Module Power
+15 Volts 30 mA.,
-15 Volts 25 mA.,
+5 Volts 75 mA

Module Size
Panel height - 8.75 inches (222 mm);
Panel width - 4.25 inches (108 mm);
Depth (behind panel) 2.125 inches (54 mm)



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